Saturday, 9 June 2012


Hi everyone....

I finally got a bit of time to post my WIPocalypse progress for this month...
So I wroked mainly in 3 projects:
Sweet Flower SAL...
Which was like this:

And now:

I Stitched a bit on QS Bookend Kitties:


And I completed the 3rd part of Dawn of Spring SAL


Also don't forget to enter my giveaway on the previous post... if you want the program I'm using to create my photos :D I'll be picking up the winner by the end of next week...

Happy Stitches,

Monday, 4 June 2012

Another section of Sweet Flowers Completed and a New GIVEAWAY of MyMemoriesSuite

Hi everyone...

So I finally finished the 3rd part of the Sweet Flower SAL... It was way after the 4th part was out so I'm going to start stitching the next part earlier to make sure I'll finish it on time :D
And here is how it is up to now:

Now onto my 2nd part of the title the giveaway of the "MyMemorySuite" program :D...
As you probably have guessed by now I'm really enjoying doing the scrapbook pages for my progresses and it's great to have a sort of a Progress Photo album when I reach the end... I'm now planning to create an album for all my projects, and when I have them updated and with a bit of more experience and practice I'll start doing the scrapbook albuns of my holidays photos (which was something I always wanted to do). The great thing of the program is that it's very easy to use and to create amazing album pages with just a few items.. (I'm doing it so it's definitely not that hard eheheh) and the fact that you can choose to start with either an "already assembled" page or from scratch makes it perfect for beginners like me (who go for the easy way ;) ) or for people who are already used to do scrapbook pages.
And besides they have so many items to pick on the shop and so many freebies that you can make thousands of diferent pages... and you can also opt for not include any picture and make cards or postcards to send personalized by you.
Another good thing is that in the end you can print them, save them on the pc as a slideshow or as a photo album, or you can save it in a folder as split picutres...

So if you want a chance of winning the "MyMemorySuite" scrapbook software just post here that you are interested and wich "Kit" you like it more :D

Happy Stitches,