Monday, 27 May 2013

A fresh "new" start back to blogging

Hi everyone.....

It's been really a long time since I've posted anything here, and I guess many of you have forgotten me already.... there's no excuses for not updating it in such a long time, so I'm not even start trying and I decided to start fresh... and consider today as day 1 :)

So first of all let me introduce myself to you all, my name is Sara and I've been an addict to cross-stitch since I was 7 years old (I'm now almost 27) and apart from my teenage years I always had something around that I was stitching or knitting or crocheting, for the past 9 years I've found HAED and become the true addict on cross stitch with a couple of WIPS (that I guess now are falling on the UFO cathegory, as I'm dedicating all my stitching time to a single project at the moment).

And for those of you curious what I'm stitching, here's the picture of it "No Words Needed" by Adele Sessler and charted by HAED:

HAED - No Words Needed
Tent stitched on 28ct white evenweave
11 pages already done, and just have another 25 to complete the project :) .... I'm really loving stitching this, every time I put it down and look at the progress I'm amazed with the new details I see :) and now that I have the faces completed it really makes me want to stitch more and more...

Now, hopefully with some more organization on my side and with the days getting "longer and longer" because it's Summer time :) I'll be stopping over here much more frequently (at least fingers crossed I'll do it :))

I've far too many blogs to read, so I've decided to start fresh on my list too and with the help of bloglovin I'll start stopping by your blogs too :)

Happy Stitches everyone


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